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Keep the freebies coming, Georgetown Cupcake

Why are they giving out free cupcakes?  Not like they’re hurting for business, so I’m guessing they want to keep their stores busy while they’re filming their new Cupcake Sisters reality show, and to build loyalty before the DC cupcake assault begins. Sprinkles and Crumbs are coming to town this year. (Aside: As my coworker pointed out, one’s a top, the other’s a bottom.)

But back to how you get a free cupcake: the first 100 people who ask for the flavor of the day by name receive one. You gotta check out their Twitter feed or FB page every morning to see what the flavor is. They’ve been giving these out for weeks now. Show up early, and pray that you’re not the 101st person to ask for it.


Is there such thing as cupcake fatigue?

Someone must’ve caught wind of how much moolah the Georgetown Cupcake sisters are pulling in, because there’s a slew of cupcake places coming soon to DC. A sugar coma is imminent.

According to Washingtonian magazine, Crumbs is opening seven (!) locations in the DC Metro area starting in May. Their cupcakes are over the top, and big enough for sharing.

Sprinkles will be opening a location in Georgetown (timing TBD). I’ve only tried them via their mixes at Williams & Sonoma. I can’t wait to try the real goods.

The market for cupcakes in this town already seems near saturation point. Will someone open a French macaroon place, please?

Read the article:


Delivering treats to your door, Curbside Cupcakes

DC needs more food trucks that sell something other than dirty water dogs, so Curbside Cupcakes is a welcome addition. I must have some innate cake homing device, because I randomly came across their truck on Connecticut Avenue this afternoon. Then again, the bright pink is hard to miss.

They’ll deliver to your door (minimum 2 dozen cupcakes per order). The truck also roams the streets of DC, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you can get your cupcake fix. Check out their schedule here:

I’m guessing the peppermint chocolate cupcake (pictured) is the redheaded stepchild of the menu, because it was the only flavor left. A customer behind me actually walked away empty-handed when she found out they’d run out of everything else. I recommend this cupcake after it’s been refrigerated, which I know is heretical among true bakers. But it gave the subtly minty icing a nice, almost chewy texture akin to the filling of a Peppermint Patty. I’m looking forward to trying their key lime next time. Until we meet again, cupcake truck!


January’s seasonal flavor at Georgetown Cupcake: salted caramel

While Georgetown Cupcake is good, the products often don’t live up to the endless hype (making me wonder if they’re paying off publications like The Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine). So I was on the fence about trying this new flavor.

Is the salted caramel trend here to stay, or will it go the way of the pork belly?

The salted caramel thing is everywhere now, from Haagen-Dazs to Coco Sala, but the balance of salt-to-caramel is only sometimes done right. I actually really liked the buttercream frosting on this because I could taste both the salt and the caramel. Mr. X-sXe thought it was too much like eating a stick of butter, though.

Like Heidi Montag after her latest round of plastic surgery, this flavor-of-the-month is top-heavy.

Georgetown Cupcake is now a wildly successful local chain–the Bethesda store opened at the end of last year, and the Georgetown store moved to larger digs on M Street in December. But for what it’s worth, my favorite cupcake in town is still the Gianduja at Hello Cupcake.


newest economic indicator: the “cupcake bubble”


The cupcake boom is here, and the cupcake crash is coming, according to But with the opening of the Bethesda location of Georgetown Cupakes and new players to the DC area like Treet, the purported crash may be coming here more slowly than most.


treet online bakery @ clarendon farmers’ market

DailyCandy DC featured this place today, which takes online orders for their mini-cupcakes, brownies, cornbread and other goodies. This isn’t your ordinary bakery, though. Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers (check out the site for details) and they use not-terrible-for-you sweeteners like agave. 

Look for them at the Clarendon farmers’ market on Wednesdays from 2-7 PM (3100 Wilson Blvd., Arlington).

**Update 9/9/09: I tried three flavors of their minis (carrot, chocolate w/vanilla icing, vanilla w/chocolate icing) and can recommend the carrot and vanilla (the chocolate with vanilla icing was a bit bland). They were $11 for 12 minis and smaller than expected: about 1.5 inches across and 1″ high.**



dc cupcake wars revisited: hello cupcake’s de lime & de coconut

Note: this is a multi-part series in response to the Washington Post Cupcake Wars last fall, which was clearly a farce.

The breakdown, icing: Cream cheese icing with coconut flakes. More sweet than tart.

The breakdown, cake: Fragrant, lime-infused cake (lime zest is visible throughout the cake. Those are the specks in the cross-section photo below). A wee bit on the dry side.

Random note: This used to be my favorite Hello Cupcake flavor, until I tried Gianduja. This flavor is the cupcake personification of the Coconut Lime Verbena line from Bath and Body Works. In other words, it tastes the way that stuff smells.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10.



dc cupcake wars revisited: hello cupcake’s gianduja

Note: this is a multi-part series in response to the Washington Post Cupcake Wars last fall, which was clearly a farce.

The breakdown, icing: Chocolate-hazelnut ganache on a hazelnut-chocolate cupcake topped with toasted hazelnuts plus unidentified crunchy topping (“caramelized hazelnut crunch,” according to the website). It’s Hello Cupcake’s take on Nutella, basically. Italian hazelnut paste is incorporated into the ganache, giving it a dimension to the flavor that you might mistake for a touch of liqueur or extract. Almost pudding-like consistency at room temperature. (Cross-section photo shows cupcake after refrigeration.)

The breakdown, cake: Chocolate cake that complements the ganache icing. Remember how the movie “Wild Things” was basically a vehicle for Denise Richards’ implants? Same deal here: cake as hazelnut-ganache-delivery-vehicle.  Couldn’t taste the hazelnut in the cake. Too distracted by the amazing ganache, which, like Denise’s implants, was generously proportioned.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.



Washington Post cupcake wars: I demand a recount

I still can’t believe Georgetown Cupcake took most of the top honors in the Post’s cupcake wars last fall. (Hear me gnash my teeth here Since a recount isn’t forthcoming, I’m going to conduct my own not-so-scientific cupcake challenge starting next week. Stay tuned for the reviews. Meanwhile, here’s a recap of the Post’s results.wpost


Cupcake millionaires

The winning cupcake? A chocolcate-with-chocolate-ganache. Snooze.

The winning cupcake? A chocolate-with-chocolate-ganache. Snooze.

The backstory:

Late last year, The Washington Post conducted the “Cupcake Wars,” taste-testing the wares from 16 bakeries around the DC area. 159 cupcakes were scarfed down in all, and the chocolate ganache cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake was crowned king.

While I can personally confirm the delectability of the chocolate ganache cupcake, going with a chocolate-on-chocolate cupcake just seems like such a safe (read: boring) bet. When was the last time you met a fellow American who told you they hated chocolate? Plus, I happen to really enjoy Lavender Moon’s cupcakes, which rated poorly. I’m inclined to think my taste buds have little in common with those of the 4 primary taste-testers. Gripe gripe.

Anyhow, I recently began catching up on the Cupcake Wars series. Not sure what I was doing while they were conducting these tests–stuffing my face with de lime & de coconut cupcakes from Hello Cupcake, perhaps? Anyway, the tidbit from the article that that had my jaw on the floor was that Georgetown Cupcake brings in $2 million annually. WTF? Mind you, the sisters that run the place work their bums off. They practically live there, and they personally frost each cupcake themselves. On weekends, they sell about 4,000+; weekdays, 2,000+. But $2 million?  That brings out a kind of cupcake envy that makes me wanna spit.

From The Washington Post:

“On average, the store sells between 2,000 and 3,000 cupcakes Tuesdays through Fridays (up from 800 when it opened in February), 4,000 on Saturdays and 2,000 on Sundays. Do the math: At $2.75 each, that conservatively adds up to sales of more than $38,000 a week and $2 million annually.”

Find the article here: