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Vosges turns Mo’s Bacon Bar into a pancake mix

Vosges has a knack for creating novelty, gourmet chocolate combinations that you actually want to eat again. I’ve yet to try this pancake mix, but I bet it takes chocolate-chip pancakes to a new level. It’s the perfect gift for those who like to alternate between bites of pancake and bites of bacon.

Pancake mix, $12 at


My anaconda don’t want none unless you got Potenza’s buns, hon

Ah, Potenza bakery. Reasonably priced goodies and sandwiches that are way better than any chain. They bake these buns fresh a bunch of times every day. I’m not the type that gets tempted by the smell of Cinnabon wafting through the airport, or by cinnamon buns in general. (They’re usually too rich.) These cherry sticky buns are awesome, though, which is why they made our Best of DC list ($2 each).

potenzanew 001

The first time I tried these, I shared one with a friend. Now I know better. BTW their sandwiches are awesome, too.

Potenza bakery, corner of 15th and H Street right near McPherson Metro.