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Makoto’s shaved ice

If you’re looking for a not-incredibly-expensive place with a great chef’s menu, try Makoto in the Palisades. We got 10 decently proportioned dishes for $60, which included a seafood-heavy array of dishes that represented an interesting mix of traditional (sashimi) and modern (a scallop salad tossed in lemon dressing), but all brought the flavors of the food out without relying on “culinary copouts” like butter or bacon. (I have nothing against either, but it’s a pet peeve when restaurants rely too heavily on fats to make stuff taste good.)

Because the cooking isn’t heavy-handed at Makoto, even after 10 dishes, you don’t leave feeling sick. This grape-Grand Marnier shaved ice was the perfect ending to the meal.


4822 MacArthur Boulevard Northwest
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 298-6866