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Cookies galore, Praline Bakery Bethesda

We can’t hit the Sleepy Safeway on Sangamore Rd. without visiting Praline. Their lemon drop cookies are the best (at 9 0’clock in photo).

At 3 o’clock is a lemon-glazed gingerbread, which lacked a ginger bite. We were also slightly disappointed with the French macaroons this time. They tasted like they’d been sitting in their glass jars too long. The outer cookie was hard and crumbly, with a skimpy amount of filling. (We tried the cassis and the pistachio.)


Best French macaroons in DC

Washingtonian magazine taste-tested them and here’s their top 4, from the May issue.

1. Adour, $22/dozen, 202-509-8000. At nearly $2/each, isn’t it weird that boutique cupcakes look like a deal in comparison?

2. Michel Patisserie, available at ACKC, 202-387-2626. Washingtonian recommends the chocolate and raspberry flavors. Pie V. Cake recommends the passionfruit (review here: $2 each.

3. Fancy Cakes by Leslie, 301-652-9390. These are $1.85 each and larger than your average quarter-sized macaroon.

4. Restaurant Eve, 703-706-0450. $8 for 6. They do a Guiness macaroon that’s actually supposed to be good.

Call in advance to order these babies from Adour.

If you can’t get a hold of those macaroons, or refuse to pay that kind of money for tiny French cookies, try Trader Joe’s macaroons at $4.99/dozen. Review here:


Why women are obsessed with macaroons

Macaroon selection from Praline Bakery, Bethesda.

Macaroon selection from Praline Bakery, Bethesda.

Not the coconut kind (though some of us are obsessed with those too), but the colorful French ones made of a ground almond/egg white cookie held together by a fruit or cream filling.

I consider these “most likeliest to succeed cupcakes” as far as female food obsessions. They’re cute, colorful and fun to eat. The cookie should eat like meringue: crispy on the outside, chewy inside. These macaroons from Praline bakery in Bethesda met my macaroon standards, but they were pricey (over $1 each).

For true devotees, there’s an entire bakery in Manhattan called Macaroon. That’s all they sell. Bet you didn’t know that that was a viable business model, but apparently it is.