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Dolcezza on a hot, humid DC day

While I’m a fan of all things sweet, ice cream and sorbet isn’t high on the cravings list. But so many people have raved about Dolcezza that I thought it was worth a go.

I first tried their sorbet from their stall at the¬†Dupont farmers’ market last year. Not a fan at the time–the sorbet was very dense in its small cup, overly sweet, and Mr. X-sXe and I had trouble finishing it between the two of us.

This time, I tried the cucumber-mint-vodka and the strawberry-tarragon sorbets. The quality and freshness of the ingredients were apparent (which is a relief, since they tout them on their website). The pairings were perfect: the licoricey tarragon came through in the strawberry, while the cucumber was super freshing without an alcohol bite. I also appreciate the spoon-friendly, airy consistency.

Less impressive were the dulce de leche churros. I had warmed them in the toaster after I got home, so they did get a bit charred. But the sauce in the middle barely tasted of caramel, and this churro was the only deep-fried food that I’ve thought about walking away from in a long time.