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Tiny chocolate burgers. Thank you, Japan.

A coworker brought these back from San Francisco’s Japantown. Every Burger candies are cracker “buns” sandwiching a chocolate filling. The level of detail here is something to marvel at, down to the layer of cheese (or mustard, depending how you look at it) and sesame seed-dotted bun.

The first thing I thought when I tasted this was that it reminded me of inside-out Pocky, which is a cracker stick coated in chocolate, and yes, it’s also Japanese. In fact, there’s even a men’s version with dark chocolate. Either Japanese men like their chocolate dark, or Pocky was trying to make it socially acceptable for them to munch on delicately thin crackers.

Subconsciously or not, I grabbed Five Guys for lunch today. Here’s how Every Burger sizes up next to a real burger. Just in case you were wondering.