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The problem with coconut cream pie

One of the desserts that we’ve always wanted to try is the Ritz Seafood coconut cream pie that was featured on Food Network. Mr. X-sXe and I have entertained the thought of driving to NJ for this pie, but in the meantime, we’re still hoping Ritz will offer it by mail-order someday. Read more here:

That’s why when we saw the coconut cream pie on the dessert tray at Fisherman’s Inn (Kent Island, MD) this weekend, we homed in on it.

While the pie was pretty good, we couldn’t help but analyze its deficiencies during the car ride home. The filling was basically just whipped cream and coconut–while it’s a tasty combination, it leaves you wanting for something more solid/substantial, i.e. a bottom layer of custard or pudding. Otherwise you feel like you’re shoveling too much air into your mouth (albeit delicious, creamy air).

Also, the crust could have used more salt to play off the sweetness of the coconut.

Our dining companions tried the brownie and cheesecake. The consensus was that if you have to choose one, go for the skillet brownie and ask for multiple spoons.