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DC yogurt tour, cont’d

JuiceĀ Zone in Foggy Bottom is inside one of the George Washington University buildings on 23rd & G St, NW. You gotta show a driver’s license or some other form of ID to get in there. So it’s probably the most well-protected frozen yogurt in DC.

Ann and I originally stopped by on our DC yogurt tour, but they’re closed on Sundays. So I went back the next day to sample it. At $4.94 (incl. tax) for a small with 3 toppings, it wasn’t cheap. I got chocolate chips, blackberries and slivered raw almonds. Like the other places, they claim their yogurt has live active cultures, and the fruit toppings are fresh, not frozen fruit.

The flavor was similar to the frozen yogurt at Sweet Green–it tasted like vanilla Dannon. Somehow it seemed a bit less flavorful. Either that or my taste buds got numb while I was eating it. Since this place is closer than the other two, I’ll go there if I’m desperate for fro-yo. The security in the building may make me think twice, though.

Juice Zone fro-yo lags behind the competition.