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The state of the freezer

There is a flavor at TangySweet worth stocking up on right now. It’s the featured flavor, coconut, at the Gallery Place location. It’s chock fulla shredded coconut. Mmmmmm.

The cold weather helps prevent any meltage on the trip home. That’s probably the only benefit of Punxatawney Phil seeing his shadow this year.

And yes, there sometimes is an avalanche of food when I open the freezer door.


Stockpiling Tangysweet frozen yogurt

I've begun stockpiling Tangysweet's green tea froyo. And you can, too!

I've begun stockpiling Tangysweet's green tea froyo. And you can, too!

My friend JDang is obsessed with Tangysweet. Obsessed to the point that she stockpiles them in her freezer to enjoy throughout the week. She once brought a Tangysweet to work for breakfast, if that tells you anything. Her all-time stockpiling record was 7 mediums and 1 large in one go. That’s a serious commitment, as far as freezer shelf space.

JDang realized in her NYC Pinkberry days that froyo doesn’t melt the way ice cream does, so you have at least a 30-minute window to get them into your freezer.  (I tested this in 70+ degree weather. Meltage amounted to less than 10% from store to freezer. I’m not sure how well Tangysweet fares in DC summers, though.)

I admit, I’ve taken to stockpiling too. Not only does it not melt much, but it doesn’t lose anything in consistency or flavor. It’s nice that when a Tangysweet craving hits, it’s right there at my disposal. On the other hand, this is an expensive habit to keep up.

Though JDang and I both agree that Tangysweet is the best froyo in town–correction, in the country–we can’t agree on our favorite flavors. I’m for green tea with its lemon-honey notes, while guava is my #2 (only available at the 7th Street location). Jess digs the guava the most, followed by pomegranate (sometimes available as a featured flavor).

Start stockpiling here: