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Giada’s ricotta orange pound cake kinda makes up for her annoyingness

Most folks would argue that Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee is the Food Network equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. For me, that person is Giada De Laurentiis. Her head-to-body ratio and mannerisms scream human bobblehead. Her cleavage-revealing tops make me want to toss peas at the TV screen. And people who pronounce foreign words in the native accent are inherently annoying. I’m not totally sure she gets a pass for being born in Italy.

Rant aside, I’ve tried a few of her savory recipes before and found them a bit bland. But when I saw that this ricotta orange pound cake was one of her favorites, I decided to give it a go. With her pastry chef background, I figured she’d know what she was doing in the baking department.

Sure enough, Mr. X-sXe declared this the best pound cake he’s ever eaten. I stuck closely to the recipe, extending the bake time at least 15 minutes past the 50 minutes recommended to solidify the center. The extra minutes in the oven resulted in a super-brown top crust that added a nice crunch. Thanks to the ricotta, the cake stayed very moist, giving it a nubby, cornbread-ish texture. (Don’t expect it to toast up the way a traditional pound cake does.)

A few recipe notes. You can substitute lemon zest for orange zest, and almond extract for Amaretto. The cake flour (pastry flour) was a bitch to track down. I tried Target, Giant, and Trader Joe’s before finding it at Safeway. Looking at the user reviews, some people who tried substituting regular flour ended up with a mess on their hands, so that’s one thing you probably don’t want to skimp on.

The orange zest lends plenty of flavor, while the alcohol in the Amaretto bakes off, leaving the smallest hint of almond.


food network’s “the best thing i ever ate”: totally fried episode

loladonutsHere are the donuts highly recommended by Giada “Bobblehead” De Laurentiis from this episode. I don’t have issues with people sensualizing food, but Giada comes off as over-the-top to me. Nigella does it so much more naturally. Speaking of Nigella, why are all her shows airing only at 7:30 AM lately? Did she piss off someone at Food Network?

Watch the Giada clip here and silently judge:

Back to the donuts–they come with two dipping sauces. I believe one is a mascarpone-based sauce and the other is cranberry.

Made To Order Doughnuts-Lola

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