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Reality TV meets holiday treats

As a kid, getting a gingerbread house for the holidays was a real score. They offered more than one kind of candy, big portions, and everlasting freshness (so I thought).

These days I like looking at the things more than eating them. This custom job was made by Heidi Montag’s mom. I came across it on her blog the same week that Heidi’s on the cover of Life & Style lamenting her plastic surgery scars. Apparently, mother and daughter aren’t on speaking terms because Heidi feels used. C’mon, Heidi. If my mom custom made and hand-delivered a gingerbread house to me, she could do all the famewhoring she wanted.


January’s seasonal flavor at Georgetown Cupcake: salted caramel

While Georgetown Cupcake is good, the products often don’t live up to the endless hype (making me wonder if they’re paying off publications like The Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine). So I was on the fence about trying this new flavor.

Is the salted caramel trend here to stay, or will it go the way of the pork belly?

The salted caramel thing is everywhere now, from Haagen-Dazs to Coco Sala, but the balance of salt-to-caramel is only sometimes done right. I actually really liked the buttercream frosting on this because I could taste both the salt and the caramel. Mr. X-sXe thought it was too much like eating a stick of butter, though.

Like Heidi Montag after her latest round of plastic surgery, this flavor-of-the-month is top-heavy.

Georgetown Cupcake is now a wildly successful local chain–the Bethesda store opened at the end of last year, and the Georgetown store moved to larger digs on M Street in December. But for what it’s worth, my favorite cupcake in town is still the Gianduja at Hello Cupcake.