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Mel’s homemade Pop Tarts

At my previous job, a coworker called “Sugar Mama” used to sell snacks she’d pick up from Costco at her desk. (Not for the money, but as a favor to the rest of us–our vending machine options ranged from overpriced Funyuns to expired bear claws.) I never did understand why the Pop Tarts at Sugar Mama’s sold like crazy, but they do, and people seemed to go into withdrawal whenever she was out. Maybe that explains why the Kellogg’s product has been around for nearly 5 decades.

Pop Tarts made by Mel.

For those who want to try their hand at a homemade version, we highly recommend these Pop Tarts a la Mel. You can find a recipe here. She made these with store-bought pie crust and strawberry jam. They were such a hit that Mr. X-sXe insisted we “doggie bag” some to bring home. To my taste buds, these beat the Kellogg’s version by miles, and don’t have that artificial smell to the icing/pastry/filling that makes my stomach turn.

PS: If you’d rather have someone else make your homemade Pop Tarts, head to Ted’s Bulletin in Eastern Market. Pie’s been talking up their brown sugar version like crazy lately.