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Rehoboth series, part 2 of 3: The Ice Cream Store

We hit 3 places at Rehoboth Beach last weekend to get a sampling of the sweets scene: Cake Break, The Ice Cream Store, and Annie’s Banannies. In case you’re wondering, the famed Candy Kitchen was not one of these, because (1) I’ve got way too many fillings to be eating stuff like taffy (2) fudge is one of the worst bastardizations of chocolate I’ve ever encountered, and (3) the place is a madhouse swarming with kids who could spontaneously combust from sugar overload at any moment.

Much like Nicola Pizza (home of the famous Nic-o-boli), the Ice Cream Store has become a Rehoboth tradition. Our obsession is mostly based on morbid curiosity: what disgusting-sounding flavors will they come up with this time? Unfortunately, this past visit we didn’t see anything that intrigued us–if only because we’ve seen or sampled many of these flavors before.

So Mr. X-sXe went for the Samoas, based on the beloved Girl Scout Cookie. It had bits of the cookies in it, as well as a caramel ribbon. While it was good, it didn’t hold my interest (the only ice cream that does these days is a Drumstick or Magnum). However, if you’re a chocolate-caramel-coconut fan, you’ll probably tear into it.


Other ways to enjoy your pie and cake

1. Pulverized in a shake, from Rehoboth’s Ice Cream Store. You can get a slice of cheesecake, brownie, or apple pie added to your milkshake. Genius.

2. On a stick, like this chocolate-covered key lime pie slice from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company. All you need is a bowl of whipped cream to dip this in.

Via Man Eat Food.

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Looks like boogers, but doesn’t taste like ’em

Unless boogers taste like vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon. This is but one of the out-there flavors currently on the menu at the Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth, DE.

The Ice Cream Store is known for offering at least a couple unusual flavors that rotate throughout the year. Luckily, no matter how unpalatable the flavor sounds, they still make it taste good.

Same can’t be said of Snow King, the ice cream place Pie and I went to years ago in Taipei. Known for their pigs’ feet ice cream, their disgusting flavors are unapologetically disgusting. We tried the sesame chicken and mustard flavors. They tasted exactly like what they were supposed to be. That was the problem. (Pie, the vegetarian, passed on the chicken. Good thing, because it left chicken in my teeth so I was eating it long after I was finished.)

PS: If you don’t know what “fluffy pork” is, ask a Chinese friend or just Google it.

Snow King menu. Via


Big Dipper’s Cold Smoke beer ice cream

Yesterday, featured a story on this 1950s-style ice cream parlor’s beer ice cream. Apparently Big Dipper is just down the street from a brewery in Missoula, Montana. So they paired up to make this concoction, which uses the same ingredients in their beer, minus the hops and alcohol. BTW, check out their sign and the Gene-Simmons proportions of that kid’s tongue!


It reminded me of the beer ice cream we tried at the Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth, which had a smooth malty flavor. Even teetotalers would approve.


Bacon ice cream: salty-sweet goodness

We couldn’t resist the siren call of the beer or the bacon ice cream at Rehoboth. “Dare ya to try us,” it mocked. Well, don’t let Mr. X-sXe’s grimace fool you. We actually liked both flavors. The beer had a mild, malty goodness. The bacon ice cream was vanilla flecked with tiny pieces of salty bacon. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, right?

It was almost as good as the bacon rice krispy treats we whipped up over New Year’s!!!