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The economics of French macaroons

Yes, these are difficult to make, supposedly quite labor intensive, but I just can’t get over how expensive they are. $1.50 each (the price of the ones below) is pretty par for the course. Yet they are small cookies. One needs at least 3 to constitute a portion. But to put it into perspective, buy 2 and you’re paying what you’d pay for a cupcake, which is a lot more satisfying considering how much air is baked into a macaroon.

Rose, lavender, and green tea macaroons from Cacao in Cleveland Park. I was trying to show how small these are, but they actually look huge next to the quarter.

While Cacao is a welcome addition to the DC dessert scene, I’ll probably try something else there next time. Apart from the lavender macaroon, the flavors weren’t distinct enough.

Enticing display of Eurogoodies from Cacao.