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We finally try the green tea Kit Kat

Given that we’ve already posted twice about Japanese Kit Kats, it was high time that we tried one. Mr. X-sXe’s coworker must have read our minds, because he brought this back from Japan.

Inside are two individually wrapped Kit Kats. While we could see the green tea incorporated into the chocolate and wafers (see X-section photo), we both came to the same conclusion separately. It tasted overwhelmingly of white chocolate. If you really want a Kit Kat that tastes like green tea, you’re gonna have to dip this in matcha powder. Oh well.

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19 Kit Kat flavors only available in Japan or on eBay.

Kit Kat is Japan’s #1 candy. They’re doing 19 limited-edition flavors that vary by region, so the Kit Kats have become souvenirs. And a cross-promotion with the postal service means you can purchase Kit Kats there to send as good-luck charms.

Contenders for the weirdest flavors:

  • green bean
  • miso
  • soy sauce (the most popular flavor nationwide)

Here’s the article from Ad Age:

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