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K&W: There’s something reassuring about a place where you can get pie for a buck

Technically it’s $1.35+ a slice, but still. K&W Cafeterias, which we try to hit it when I’m visiting my folks in NC, holds a special place in my heart because you can get a tray full of food for about $10. It’s targeted to the dine-at-5PM-crowd, a cafeteria-style joint where you can count on options aplenty (including lots of soul food), servers that bark at you, and quivering blocks of Jello embedded with random flotsam and jetsam. Because K&W is geared toward an older crowd, some of the main dishes are overcooked to the point of being gum-able. So I mostly stick with the dishes like fried chicken, fried fish, and fried okra–ask for a side of ranch with it, and you’ll rethink okra.

You might not feel very good about yourself after your K & Dub indulgence, but at least you’re not eating like that every day (are you??).

This was a German chocolate pie and an egg custard pie. The former was too treacly for me; the latter I’d get again. It had a lightness and consistency that reminded me of Chinese egg tarts. Now if only I’d had a piece of crispy bacon to go with it.