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Lobster rolls with a side of whoopie pie

Last weekend we chased the Red Hook Lobster truck all the way from Maryland to Eastern Market. Turns out we weren’t the only ones making the holy pilgrimage. We met a lady who had driven from Lorton, VA. (Good news for folks who can’t stalk the truck during the week: it’s going to be making regular rounds at Eastern Market on Saturdays).

This whoopie accompaniment to your Maine- or Connecticut-style roll is from Brooklyn’s Margaret Palca Bakes ($3.50). It’s a more natural version of the classic whoopie pie, with no shortening in the filling. The flavor reminded me of the Devil Dogs of my childhood but way better. I’ll probably getting one during every visit to the lobster truck to help fill me up. One lobster roll doesn’t do the job, but at $15 apiece, shelling out $30–more if you get a meal combo–for lunch on a patch of grass that probably doubles as a doggie rest stop seems wrong.