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Michel Patisserie macaroons, coconut cake from ACKC

Walking into ACKC, there’s temptation at every turn. I could have easily blown beaucoup bucks there, so I was lucky to leave with just these macaroons and cake.

Orange, passionfruit, chocolate & pistachio macaroons. The clear winner was passionfruit.

At $2/macaroon, expectations are high, especially for such a small cookie. While these were really good, with the perfect texture and density (crispy outer, chewy inner), the fillings were ho-hum–with the exception of the passionfruit one, the only one maybe worth paying $2 for.

If you’re crazy for macaroons, the ones from Praline in Bethesda are almost as good, larger, and cost just over $1. (I say just like that’s cheap or something.)

At $5/slice for the coconut cake, you’d do almost as well by getting a slice of birthday cake from Safeway and sprinkling some coconut on it. Coconut was more of an afterthought than the main act. If you want to try one of the cakes behind the counter at ACKC, I’d go for something else.