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10 asks, “Will ‘Snow Ice’ be the next Pinkberry?”

Um, the answer is no.

Snow ice (or shaved ice) is a Taiwanese dessert: sweetened shaved ice topped with fruit, taro root (a potato-like vegetable with a creamy texture), chewy Bobas, and whatever else you can pile on. In fact, we have had difficulty identifying all the bits and bobs in our bowl of snow ice in the past. Pie V Cake’s guess is that if snow ice ever blows up, it will eventually go the way of Boba tea: trendy for a time, then relegated mainly to Asian eateries.

Here’s why:

  • It’s not like ice cream. Part of froyo’s success is that it’s a healthier alternative to a national favorite, ice cream. Snow ice is very…icy. Even with condensed milk in it, it still evokes a snow cone, which is something people typically don’t crave after puberty.
  • Hold the beans. Snow ice toppings usually include beans. Not exactly a topping we associate with desserts in the U.S.
  • We have four seasons. Snow ice is popular in Asian countries because it helps people combat the heat (Taiwan has a subtropical climate). Very few regions of the U.S. get hot enough outside of summer to have a perpetual need for a dessert like this. While froyo sales slow down in the winter, snow ice sales probably fall off a cliff.
  • Lack of portability. Snow ice is typically a huge mound of stuff. You can’t walk and eat it at the same time–although that would be a pretty awesome sight.

Photo via Serious Eats.


Win all the white chocolate mousse froyo you could possibly eat

TCBY is a sentimental favorite. First, it’s been around since the early 80s, looong before Pinkberry was even a thought in its founder’s head. Second, there was a TCBY in my hometown that I frequented as a pimply teen, and I’ve never gotten sick of their white chocolate mousse flavor. (Note: If anyone from TCBY happens to be reading, please defrost your fruit toppings before serving them!)


Which leads me to the TCBY store giveaway. Make a video and you could win your own store. Which means, if you wanted, you could stick your head under the nozzle and dispense the stuff directly into your mouth. I can think of nothing better right now.