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What can you get for 50 cents these days?

That’s right, this adorable Tiramisu whoopie pie from Potenza was only 50 cents. In a world of $2 French macaroons, they’re a steal. Too bad they can’t decide whether they’re a whoopie pie or 2 cookies glued together with vaguely coffee-flavored filling. I’m usually a fan of anything that comes out of the ovens of the Potenza bakery, but these were forgettable–definitely not good enough to scratch my whoopie pie itch.


Don’t mess with eLiz’s cake. Or else.

Today, eLiz had a piece of Tiramisu from Potenza Bakery in the office fridge. Apparently the girl is very possessive when it comes to her cakes. Given how delicious the Tiramisu was, I can’t blame her.

Get your own slice for $6 at Potenza Bakery, 1430 H St. NW (corner of 15th and H streets, McPherson Metro).


My anaconda don’t want none unless you got Potenza’s buns, hon

Ah, Potenza bakery. Reasonably priced goodies and sandwiches that are way better than any chain. They bake these buns fresh a bunch of times every day. I’m not the type that gets tempted by the smell of Cinnabon wafting through the airport, or by cinnamon buns in general. (They’re usually too rich.) These cherry sticky buns are awesome, though, which is why they made our Best of DC list ($2 each).

potenzanew 001

The first time I tried these, I shared one with a friend. Now I know better. BTW their sandwiches are awesome, too.

Potenza bakery, corner of 15th and H Street right near McPherson Metro.