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Pie > cake when it’s 100 degrees outside

I’ll begrudgingly admit that pie beats cake this time of year. For one, berries are a lot sweeter and cheaper. Cake’s too heavy when it’s a sauna outside, not to mention that icing quickly turns into a puddle. Add to that all the recent magazine spreads of pie porn (Food Network, Oprah), and it’s hard to get pie off the brain.

Mini-pies from Sweet & Natural.

We recently tried the mini-pies from Sweet & Natural in Mt. Rainier, courtesy of Surabhi and Tom. Fascinatingly, Sweet & Natural started out as a bakery (you can find their baked goods at veggie-friendly cafes and markets around DC, including Whole Foods) but now also offers vegan soul food (!)

These apple and blueberry pies had a thin crust, with conservatively sweetened fruit filling. You wouldn’t pick up on the fact that they’re vegan—these were good pies, period. Perfect for your friends who are constantly moaning that everything’s too sweet.

Meanwhile, Whole Foods is having a pie sale through the end of July—all pies are $9.99. The strawberry & rhubarb is typically $15.99, so it was too good a deal to pass up.

We haven’t had the best of luck with baked goods from Whole Foods. They sometimes phone it in when it comes to their prepared foods (soggy pizzas, rice that isn’t fully cooked, not-worth-the-calories pastries). But this was damn tasty. The first sensation that hits your tongue is the tartness–exactly what you want when it comes to something like rhubarb. The fruit chunks are generously sized and firm, which says, “I didn’t come out of a can.” And the crust, which is oatmeal crumble on top, browns up nicely in the toaster oven to add crunch. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt, and Bob’s yer uncle. Or something.