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These cookies be highbrow and s****

These new cookies caught my eye in Trader Joe’s for 2 reasons:

  1. Because they have the most ass-inine name ever.
  2. They strike more than a passing resemblance to Tate’s Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies, the ones that are always sold out at Whole Foods.

These cookies be highbrow and sh**.

So, back to that name, which isn’t so much a dig at Chips Ahoy as it is a reference to the premium ingredients, price ($3.99 for 7 oz./14 cookies, more than a buck less than Tate’s), and maybe even a nod to the fact that Tate’s is based out of the Hamptons.

Given this article about Trader Joe’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tate’s were manufacturing these. The cookies taste like exact copycats. While I can’t fault Trader Joe’s for creating cheaper house versions of other people’s products, if I owned Tate’s and weren’t getting a cut of this, I’d be pissed.

March 27, 2011 addendum:

The March-April 2011 Trader Joe’s Culinary Compendium flyer writes: “Our buyers kept hearing about this small bake shop in New York that made ‘the’ Chocolate Chip Cookie.” Naturally, a thorough investigation ensued. The reputation was rapidly validated. Using only fresh, quality ingredients, their recipe is straightforward…So we brought these thin, au courant cookies to you with a little added humor and a lot of added value.” Is this Trader Joe’s admission that they ripped off Tate’s, or that Tate’s is manufacturing these cookies for them? Either way, cookies lovers win.


Do you like your chocolate chip cookies chewy or crispy?

Me, I usually prefer them chewy with the chocolate chips still in their melted state (e.g., Potbelly’s). These crsipy ones from Tate’s Bake Shop won me over, though, with their buttery crispness and big chocolate chips. They’re also baked to be a lot browner than your typical cookies, which gives them a nice flavor.

The first ingredient is actually chocolate. My guess would have been butter.

The only place I’ve seen them is Whole Foods, and they’re usually sold out of the chocolate chip (even at $5+ a bag!), the shelves cluttered with a sea of macadamia nut rejects. I snagged the last two bags at the P Street Whole Foods on Friday.

If you order from the Tate’s website, they’re 3 bags for $22.50, so $5+ a bag seems like a deal next to that.

***Update: Although Tate’s oatmeal raisin cookies are studded with big raisins, the crispy cookie part doesn’t live up to the buttery goodness of the chocolate chip flavor. In fact, it reminds me of stale Potbelly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, when the fats in the cookie start to lose their freshness.***