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Hot chocolate avec Trader Joe’s Minty Mallows

This kind of weather calls for nursing a mug of hot chocolate in front of a fire. If you happen to have a couple Minty Mallows from Trader Joe’s to top it off with (they seem to be sold out everywhere except the Foggy Bottom store–I saw a few boxes left today), all the better. These well-traveled marshmallows are made in France, so they’re a bit beaten up in the boxes. But tasty, all the same.

I made the mistake of making my hot chocolate with cocoa powder, the baking kind, earlier this week. It turned out a bit bland. After consulting some online recipes, I learned the secret: use chocolate chips. Get the milk or soy milk simmering but not boiling, take it off of the stove, then whisk the chips in quickly. A dash of vanilla, maybe a cinnamon stick, and you’re done. I used semisweet Ghiradelli chips. Didn’t even have to chop them up or add sugar.