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Bacon-chocolate pancakes. A good reason to wake up in your own drool.

Last fall, Vosges turned Mo’s Bacon Bar into a pancake mix: As luck would have it, Mr. X-sXe was in O’Hare Airport when he spotted a dedicated Vosges store (something more airports should have). He picked up the mix for $12.

Ever since we made these last weekend, I’ve been thinking about them. Tonight I was tempted to make these instead of dinner. The batter’s super light and fluffy, a nice complement to the richness of the “chocolate chips” (a crumbled  Mo’s Bacon Bar). On its own, the Bacon Bar is just so-so. But it works really well here in its melted state.

$12 is pricey (the mix makes only eight medium-sized pancakes), so you could always buy the Bacon Bar for $7.50 to add to your favorite pancake mix.

Or you could chop up this bacon-chocolate pig to add to your pancakes ($8). But that would be a waste of its cuteness.