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Double fisting: pretzel cones, water ice

Since we were in pretzel country, it seemed appropriate that a local ice cream shop in Ephrata , PA , was offering Snyder’s pretzel cones. Yup, that’s salt on the outside of the cone. Truthfully the cone was a lot sweeter than your typical pretzel. But a delight for fans of salty-sweet, nonetheless.

That same ice cream shop had a selection of a water ices, a Philadelphia treat that’s since turned into an East Coast franchising phenomenon (there are now over 500 branches of Rita’s Water Ice). Water ice is a type of Italian ice that’s made using the same process as ice cream. As Mr X-sXe puts it, “it’s like a Slurpee but better.”

If you’re craving pretzel cones and water ice, head to Greco’s Italian Ices & Homemade Ice Cream in Ephrata , PA.