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A cupcake that’s wronger than turducken

The turkey gravy and cranberry cupcake from LA’s Yummy Cupcakes looks innocent enough.

But then there’s this description:

A turkey gravy cupcake seasoned with savory Thanksgiving gravy, topped with a fresh cranberry relish cream cheese frosting.

(Which sounds like the opposite of appetizing.)

For those of you who love making the most of those turkey day leftovers, I pray that turkey cupcakes aren’t on the list.


Pie in cupcake’s clothing: cheddar apple

This was today’s flavor of the day at Red Velvet Cupcakery. Yes, that’s grated cheese on top.

While admirable for its bold foray into pie territory (a moist apple cake topped with cheddary icing), I could stomach no more than a bite. I’m usually a fan of salty-sweet combinations, but have never been into the apple-pie-topped-with-cheese thing, even if it’s baked into the crust. On the other hand, Mr. X-sXe enjoyed the piquant cheesiness of the icing and happily polished the rest of the cupcake off.

We couldn’t actually tell whether the icing was a buttercream or a cream-cheese base. Mr. X-sXe swore it was a buttercream, although I thought it tasted like cream cheese (and logically that would make more sense).


(Weird) cupcakes are here to stay

This CNN article last week (

(1) Asserts that cupcakes are here to stay (duh) and

(2) Highlights a bunch of off-the-beaten-path cupcake flavors around the country.

I’m particularly curious about this BLT one from cupcake “gallery” More in Chicago. They specialize in salty-sweet combinations (fig blue cheese cupcake, anyone?), and by all accounts they do it well.

This jalapeno-topped cupcake from Over the Rainbow Cupcakes in Scottsdale, AZ, makes me smile, though I’m not sure I want to eat it.