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A chocolate pie that actually bores your taste buds

This chocolate pie looks delectable, doesn’t it? My coworker and I had been salivating over it every time we went to Whole Foods for lunch. When it went on sale for $9.99, I couldn’t resist its siren call any longer. Such a bummer that the pie is just so-so. My coworker, Mr. X-sXe and I all agreed: don’t waste your calorie intake on this. The chocolate mousse is too blandly flavored (they skimped on the chocolate) to recommend it, even at the sale price. If I had the chutzpah, I’d ask for my money back.



Whole Foods kind of redeems itself


If you regularly read pie v. cake, you know that Whole Foods desserts usually stink. Well, this one doesn’t. Crunchy toasted slivered almonds, whipped cream frosting, fresh strawberries and moist vanilla cake inspired me to buy a mini-cake, and it wasn’t even anyone’s birthday. Just make sure to eat it within a couple days. The strawberries can go rancid quickly.


Whole Foods’ “Blandarella” Key Lime Cheesecake

As you know, we were underwhelmed with the Whole Foods desserts we tried last time. This time, I picked up an individually sized key lime cheesecake, hoping Whole Foods might redeem itself. You only see half of it here because I forgot to get a photo beforehand.

So, this cheesecake has no crust. That’s always disappointing, since a soggy graham-cracker crust can be really good. It’s like the ice cream cone–sometimes it’s the best part. Anyway, back to the cake, which was neither here nor there. Not too sweet, not too tangy. Above-average natural key lime flavor.  But where’s the oomph? Cheesecake is nothing to be ambivalent about, but after this, I was.

Incidentally, I also tried the version of the plain cheesecake with forest berries on top. It was even more blah than the key lime one. And it was also sans crust.


whole foods v. safeway

this week, i taste tested the dessert offerings of two of the supermarkets here in dc: whole foods and safeway.

at whole foods, there was an ample dessert case with a bunch of mouthwatering choices, but I chose the cutest things on the menu: mini cupcakes with roses on top, and key lime tarts.

here are some crappy shots of them from my cell phone camera:
cute key lime tartscute cupcakes

well, whole foods put a lot of thought and effort into the appearance, undoubtedly to make up for the fact that these were awful tasting. the key lime tarts failed to be tart, with any citrusy snap lost under a pile of oversweet cream.

and the cupcakes were flat out awful. the white icing was tasteless, while the pink icing was vaguely berry flavored, although i detected some notes of flowery soapiness (yes, this could be due to the fact that this was an icing rose, but still). the greatest offense, however, was the fact that the cake itself was DRY. it crumbled apart in my hands, to the point that when i went to throw the food away, i trailed crumbs to the trashcan, like a forlorn jack or jill.

safeway, on the other hand, had nothing that looked as appetizing as the cakes in whole foods. rather, baked goods lie out under industrial lights, manhandled to the point that icing has rubbed off on their plastic containers (which is SO frustrating.)
i picked up a generous 3 inch by 3 inch square of sheet cake for $2.49 – $1.99 with my club card. it was a standard slice of vanilla cake with vanilla icing and a purple, slightly smushed flower on top.

the taste, however, was worlds better than whole foods. it was moist, with the sugary icing tasting of sugary icing. best of all, since i got so much cake, i can squirrel it away for several days, taking a bite now and then when my cake craving returns. count me impressed.

so how does this shake out?
if you’re going to an event where attendees will oooh and aaah over how the cakes looks, but then not really eat any of them, get a whole foods cake.

but if you’re going to hang out with real friends who love food and want to spend hours getting a sugar high on, go with safeway.

in my book, safeway wins every time.